Maksim Kolmykov | Liubou Zhauniarovich

Maksim Kolmykov

Sales Manager LLC “AMK-Center”

Thank you Liubou for the excellent work!

We used the services of an interpreter at the EICMA-2019 motorcycle trade show in Milan.

We found a common ground from the start. We didn’t need to get used to each other or to the communication manner and translation. It was like working together for many years. These are not just empty words; we can compare the quality of her service with others since we have been working with interpreters for several years.

Liubou is fluent in three languages ​​- Russian, English and Italian. There were no problems even with technical terms. The positive attitude and desire to work does not disappear even at the end of the working day.

If talking in short about her service, it’s easy-going, comfortable, professional.

If you need an interpreter at any event, a person who will help in communication with suppliers or you need to organize a trip, for example, to a factory, feel free to contact Liubou - you won’t ever regret it!

Liubou Zhauniarovich
Liubou Zhauniarovich