DEDASPURI Georgian Restaurant | Liubou Zhauniarovich

DEDASPURI Georgian Restaurant

We worked with Liubou on a crowdfunding project for launching a new restaurant in Milan.

We met her as the organizer of a masterclass event held in our restaurant and we were very impressed by her attention to detail and professionalism she showed. We decided to contact her again and we were not mistaken!

We thought it could be complicated to work on the project because of the pandemic restrictions and impossibility to meet in person, but Liubou’s communication skills eliminated this problem. Using WhatsApp messages and online meetings the work was carried out without any issues and perfectly on time.

What we liked most was her great determination to stick to deadlines and her amazing ability to listen. We will certainly contact Liubou again for our next marketing projects.

Liubou Zhauniarovich
Liubou Zhauniarovich