Gianluca Baccalini | Liubou Zhauniarovich

Gianluca Baccalini

SYES World Sales Director
SYES America President

Liubou has been the perfect partner for SYES for many years.

She gladly assists us when working with all our Russian speaking partners, from Russia to Azerbaijan, from Belarus to Kazakhstan.

Thanks to her years of proven experience, she performs her duty with efficiency and precision, translating written documents, driving virtual meetings, participating to live gatherings, whichever may be the requirement.

She is able to span from technical discussions with engineering, to formal language with government officials to light-hearted chat in social gatherings, always with unmatched elegance and class.

We owe her gratitude for contributing to the success of our business and we certainly look forward to continuing working with her in the future!

Liubou Zhauniarovich
Liubou Zhauniarovich