Vladimir Fedotov | Liubou Zhauniarovich

Vladimir Fedotov

General Director LLC “AMK-Center”

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic, our communications with foreign partners in 2020 have been held online instead of the usual “live” format at the international exhibition in Milan. However, this had no impact on the quality of our meetings.

Your attitude to your work is great as always! The translation is excellent, and it is noticeable not only to me, but also to our Italian business partners. I understand how difficult it was for you to translate technical terms, and I admire your ability to memorize big amounts of information that are flowing continuously during negotiations.

A conversation with our British partner John Davis was not difficult for you either - we easily discussed all the issues and news.

We are very grateful for your help and hope to continue our cooperation in the future, including also an online format.

I recommend you to everyone who has language difficulties in communications with foreign partners.

Liubou Zhauniarovich
Liubou Zhauniarovich