References | Liubou Zhauniarovich


Gianluca Baccalini

Liubou has been the perfect partner for SYES for many years. She gladly assists us when working with all our Russian speaking partners, from Russia to Azerbaijan, from Belarus to Kazakhstan.

DEDASPURI Georgian Restaurant

What we liked most was her great determination to stick to deadlines and her amazing ability to listen. We will certainly contact Liubou again for our next marketing projects.

Vladimir Fedotov

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic, our communications with foreign partners in 2020 have been held online instead of the usual “live” format at the international exhibition in Milan. However, this had no impact on the quality of our meetings.

Maksim Kolmykov

Thank you Liubou for the excellent work! We used the services of an interpreter at the EICMA-2019 motorcycle trade show in Milan. We found a common ground from the start. We didn’t need to get used to each other or to the communication manner and translation.

Konstantin Aleksandrov

I would like to highlight the following advantages in Liubou’s work: fulfilling the task accurately and on time, constant communication in a convenient mode (planned in advance), request to clarify information if something is in doubt or a question has arisen, responsibility and respectability. You can be sure that the objective will be completed perfectly.